Les Six Frères

Historic Cargo Ship
4 guests 2 beds 50 m2

Our cargo ship named ‘Les Six Freres’ is a nice family boat with two separate bedrooms. It has a very spacious inside and lots of daylight! It’s nice to relax in the wheelhouse and enjoy sunset or hang out in the living room.

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Romantic Getaway for 2
2 guests 1 bed 25m2

If you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway for two this is the boat!

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De Amsterdam

Historic sailing cargo barge
6 guests 5 beds 60m2

This so called ‘Tjalk’ combines 17 th century local craftsmanship with modern-day comfort. While having your breakfast in the light and airy living room it’s hard to imagine you’re in a structure built for transport. On the other hand, the Amsterdam themed interior will definitely not remind you of home (or any ordinary hotel room). It’s truly a wonderful mix of industrial heritage and urban design.

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De La Soul

Authentic sea going cutter
6 guests 3 beds 65m2

Let yourself be amazed by this wonderfully transformed fishing vessel, restored with a number of impressive modern day features. Its wheelhouse was left largely in tact, and it remains one of the most wonderful eye catchers of this ship. If you are the impressing type of traveler De La Soul is your ship without a doubt. The ship is big, spacious, airy and light. The views from the wheelhouse annex kitchen annex living room will probably never make you leave the boat. Moving to the back of the ship, you'll be stunned by the most impressive feature of the ship: a red velvet cinema room!

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Holland VII

Only for the brave
4 guests 4 beds 80m2

Who truly believes size doesn’t matter? The Holland VII is the biggest and toughest of our fleet. Embarking is for the brave ones, the explorers, the hero’s… Yes. We are exaggerating. This ‘Haringlogger’ has been fully renovated to offer all the comfort you need. Nevertheless, we have left quite a bit of rough industrial steel for you to get carried away. Just like us.

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Small, adventurous and cozy!
4 guests 2 beds 30m2

Sorry UK blokes, the UK85 doesn’t have any link to your kingdom. To the contrary, the oh so Dutch UK85 could not even cross the sea. What the UK85 might lack in seaworthiness it totally makes up for in coziness. When below deck the original wooden interior immediately embraces you like a warm winter coat. If you’re comfortable with living in a small and adventurous boat this is the boat for you! The boat has a really authentic feel to it. In the summertime it’s nice to sit outside on deck but during winter it’s really nice to enjoy some hot choc inside the cozy boat.

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