Who truly believes size doesn’t matter? The Holland VII is the biggest and toughest of our fleet. Embarking is for the brave ones, the explorers, the hero’s… Yes. We are exaggerating. This ‘Haringlogger’ has been fully renovated to offer all the comfort you need. Nevertheless, we have left quite a bit of rough industrial steel for you to get carried away. Just like us.

Year: 1911
Type: Herring Drifter
Size: 27×6 meters
Max. Guests: 6
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
One double bed (140 x 200 cm) in the wheelhouse
One double bed (140 X 200 cm) in forepeak
Two additional single beds (70 x 200 cm) in the living room


Apart from its impressive length (27 meters!) the Holland VII also has quite a long history. Let’s take it from the beginning. The ship has been constructed for 6.500 euros at the Boot shipyard in Leiderdorp, a village approximately 22 nautical miles south of Amsterdam. After Christening the ship in 1911, it was docked in the close by harbor of the coastal fishing village Katwijk. From May to September yearly the Holland VII sailed the North Sea for driftnet herring fishing. In 1932 the sailing rigs were replaced by a ‘modern’, read: loud and smelly, diesel engine. The Kriegsmarine confiscated the boat during WWII and after the war it continued fishing for herring as if nothing ever happened. In 1969 the Holland VII was caught up by modernization. If it wasn’t for Mr. Ad Pas, the current proud owner, the boat would have silently disappeared as an occasional day-tripper for sports fishermen. Thankfully that didn’t happen and now the Holland VII is officially registered as ‘Floating Dutch Heritage’. But even better, Mr. Ad Pas, showing impressive patience and passion, turned his ship into a house boat. Many original details were fully renovated and reinstalled and the spacious cargo hold has been changed into a modern-day living room with an urban and vintage feel. Big hurray for Mr. Ad Pas. Not only did he create the possibility to overnight in ‘Floating Dutch Heritage’, he also made sure we can do so in great style and comfort.


Free WiFi
Bath or Shower
(No cooking)
Free Parking
Family Room
Towels & Linen
Coffee & Tea
Lake View
Private Entrance
Hair & Body Products
Personal Check-in



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