Hotel Asile Flottant

Once an old shipyard, now a floating hotel!

Asile Flottant is a collection of six characteristic hotel boats docked in the shallow waters of a creative hotspot just minutes from the historic city center. One of our traditional ships could be your private floating hotel room while visiting Amsterdam. Just picture yourself gazing at the horizon from your own wheelhouse or having a locally brewed beer on the sundeck before dozing off in your vintage cabin. Sounds like quite a journey, right?

Rest ashore, you won’t have to knot any robes when the wind picks up neither you’ll find yourself peeing overboard in the midst of the night. Undoubtedly, you will be entering a world of traditional design, industrial steel and ancient wood, but it comes with comfy matrasses, toilets that flush and all the other modern-day comfort you can think of.

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Our Boats

Experience Amsterdam on another level

Make your Amsterdam-break truly unique by staying in your own private Asile Flottant hotel boat. Actually, our fleet of historic vessels is worth a trip on its own. v Even though we are quite convinced you will appreciate our fleet, we’d still like to mention that each ship comes with a huge private sundeck while some boats come with unique features such as double beds in wheelhouses or a bathtub from which you can see the entire machine room. Okay, it’s obvious, we love Asile Flottant and we can go on forever. But we stop here. Now it’s up to you. Pick your favorite and we’ll meet you any time soon on our pier for a warm welcome. We’re truly looking forward!

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Our hotel boats are moored at a location known as De Ceuvel: once a small shipyard, now a floating hotel!

Korte Papaverweg 2
1032 KB Amsterdam
+31 6 15211299
[email protected]

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