Get away from the touristy areas!

Hotel Asile Flottant is located in the north of Amsterdam.
Our hotel boats are docked at our own private pier in the quiet waters of a former shipyard just north of the historic city center of Amsterdam. This former industrial plot, also known as De Ceuvel, has been converted into one of the most unique and sustainable urban developments in Europe. The outcome is truly mind-blowing. Old houseboats have been hoisted on land and the jetty connecting the vessels isn’t hanging over water but over a green ocean of soil-cleaning plants. Each boat houses creative and social startups or artists showing a true entrepreneurial spirit. While the jetty offers some seriously great spots to unwind, café De Ceuvel attracts the biggest crowds. On hot summer days (yes, we do have those) the terrace transforms into a lively festival-like wharf making it hard to believe the city center is
just a 5-minute bike ride away.

Our adress
Korte Papaverweg 2
1032 KB Amsterdam

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How to reach us

Your first mission: find us!

The city of Amsterdam is extremely bike friendly and rather car-unfriendly. Also, our capital is quite small compared to other European cities. Asile Flottant is in an area called Noord (North). If you look at the map it’s everything north of the big river dividing the city. The part directly south of the river is the historic city center. The Central Train Station, as well as all other neighborhoods that are of interest, are also on that side of the river.

Since we have been all self-glorifying about our unique location we want to be honest about one thing: we’re impossible to find! No worries, that only applies for your first attempt. We’re just managing expectations (avoiding divorces and such); once you get it you can’t believe you got confused the first time.

There’s roughly four ways to get to us: by foot or by (rental) bike, with your own (rental) car or by taxi, by public transportation or by boat. We’ll discuss the first three. Once you arranged your own boat to get around town, which quite frankly is not a bad thought, we’ll talk again.

Central Station

First steps to your journey

To start your Amsterdam experience, you obviously have to make it to your boat first. If you want to travel using public transport, make sure you start at Central Station. From here you can go any place you want with buses, metro's(subway), trams and even ferries!

Arriving at Schiphol Airport?
Take a train to get to Central Station from Schiphol Airport. This will only cost you around 3 euro's and has a travel distance of 14-20 minutes depending on the type of train.

By Ferry

Cruise on the IJ-river in Amsterdam

The nearest ferry (it’s free!) from Central Station is the Buiksloterwegveer.
It operates 24/7, every 4 to 12 minutes. You can grab this ferry behind Central Station.

After minutes arriving in the north of Amsterdam, continue straight ahead and keep following the red bike path until you hit a roundabout at the Mosplein. Pick the route to the left and look for the big, ugly and yellowish NH Hotel keeping it on your left-hand side when moving on. If you navigated correctly you’ll find yourself on the Papaverweg. From here you take the 3 rd street to the left, the Korte Papaverweg. This three-penny street might not be the red carpet you deserve but this is your last hurdle. Paradise is now within reach. If you think you’ve taken a wrong turn and reached a slummy backwater, then you’re probably on the right track! Look straight ahead and you’ll see a big wooden sign: De Ceuvel. You have made it. You’ll find Asile Flottant behind the gate at the end of this street. Walk through the main entrance and across De Ceuvel site. The hotel boats are behind another gate, on the wooden jetty in the canal. Despite the rather impossible instructions above, from the ferry to Asile Flottant should take you no more than 5 minutes of peddling. Add another 10 minutes for navigating and swearing and still there’s not much to worry about. If you can roam for free just use your phone for directions and forget all the above.

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By Bus

Quickest way to your destination

From the elevated bus platform behind Central Station, take bus 34/35 or 391/394. Get out at stop Mosplein. Cross the street and turn right, then keep on walking past the church and Hunters Coffeeshop. Enter the first road on your left all the way to the end untill you see our boats. From the moment the bus departs, this will take you roughly 10 to 15 minutes.

If you got out behind the church, cross the street and walk past the stoplights all the way to the other side. From here go right and immediately walk in the first street on your left untill you have reached De Ceuvel.

See the map

By Car

We have directions for you too

Tell your car navigation you want to go to Asile Flottant, De Ceuvel or Korte
Papaverweg and follow instructions. Asile Flottant is not far from ring road exit number 116 and for that matter we are relatively easy to be reached by car. If you’re lucky one of our three parking lots is still available when you make your reservation (don’t forget to tell us you’re coming by car!). If not, you can park in the area and you have to walk for a couple of minutes depending on how lucky you are finding a good spot. Keep in mind that your car is really of no use when sightseeing. The roads are complicated, parking spots are rare and expensive and the old canals are anything but a relaxed circuit for foreigners.

From anywhere in town you can grab a taxi or an Über. All drivers will know the address. Unfortunately, Dutch taxis are more expensive than most other European countries.

From the airport (Schiphol)
The airport is not far from the city center. By taxi it takes approx. 30 minutes to get to Asile Flottant, but quite a bit longer during rush hours. The cost of a taxi from the airport will be around 70 euros. The train is a lot cheaper and quite convenient since the airport houses a railway station with direct links to the Central Railway Station (approx. 15 minutes/ 5 euros one way). From there you can either continue by foot or by bus.