“We will be the sincere smiles you meet upon arrival and we are the ones on the other side of the screen when you’re behind your computer organizing your trip: we are Aneta, David, Esther, Huib and Sam, together we are “Team Asile”. The moment we got to know of Asile Flottant it was love at first sight and we truly feel privileged being part of such a unique, sustainable and once-in- a-lifetime project. The fleet feels like a small herd to us; we truly care about each ship and we can’t really say which is our favorite. The vessels have so much character and style, all in their own beautiful way, that we just got equally attached to all of them. We all have our own role at Asile Flottant. David is the one you probably have contact with when you prepare for your trip. He is our “back-office” hero and he makes sure all the paperwork is in order. Aneta is our senior host. She invented “service with a smile” and if you’re lucky she will be the one to check you in upon arrival. Also Aneta is the girl to contact whenever you want to organize something special to make your trip even better! Esther and Rosa are also hosts of Asile Flottant and also very happy to welcome you. Last but not least there are Huib and Sam, They are our technical engineers and they can fix/build/repare (almost) anything!

The best thing about our work? Okay, this sounds like an advertising-answer, but honestly: it’s you! Having you here with us to see how you fall in love with your ship, with De Ceuvel and with our city fills us with joy. Actually, it’s the best energizer ever! If you have any questions please drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to answer any question you might have. Even better: we’d love to welcome you on our pier one day soon. We’re looking forward!”