If there would be an Oscar for Best Floating Love Nest our Anneliese would definitely be doing a yearly thank-you-speech for the decades to come. Trust us, if you’re looking for something extraordinary for just the two of you, look no further. First of all, there’s the exterior. Between all the industrial steel and rough concrete, the pointy baby-blue derrière of Anneliese truly sticks out. Once below deck you step into your own romantic bubble. Your double bed is located in the spacious and clear white wooden forepeak with natural skylight, while in the bathtub you look straight into the massive engine room. We can go on forever, but no one can convince you better than Anneliese herself. She’s waiting for you.

Year: 1934
Type: Cutter
Size: 18×5 meters
Max. Guests: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1
One king-size double bed (180 x 200 cm) in the forepeak


If you look at Anneliese, all peacefully docked among other historic co-vessels, it’s hard to imagine the tough life she’s led. It hasn’t always been shallow waters, but Anneliese has proven to be a resilient lady. Anneliese was born as a Danish Cutter in 1942 at the Chr. Andersen Shipyard in Frederikssund. In her childhood she was confiscated by the German Navy and registered as a KFK; Kriegs Fish Kutter (War Fish Cutter). Despite this somewhat dark label she never actually served during WWII. After the war the English Fishery Control Board leased Anneliese to German fisherman trying to build up a regular life. After some productive years at the Baltic Sea she was sold to some dodgy man from the Carib who used her to ship narcotics in the tropics. During those scary years nobody really took care of Anneliese and in critical condition she was bought by a Dutch fisherman. Years later we found her bruised and harmed in a quiet corner of the harbor of Urk, a famous Dutch fishing village. Being a bit shy and scared she eventually let us tow her Amsterdam. After a lot of love and attention she’s now one of the stars of Asile Flottant. Anneliese has never been happier.


Free WiFi
Bath or Shower
(No cooking)
Free Parking
Family Room
Towels & Linen
Coffee & Tea
Lake View
Private Entrance
Hair & Body Products
Personal Check-in



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