Terms and Conditions

1. General
Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, all our bookings and services are subject to the following terms and conditions.

2. Definitions
The following definitions are given to the following words:

2.1 Hotel Asile Flottant
Hotel Asile Flottant, Korte Papaverweg 2, Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce number 60699523

2.2 Service
The provision by Hotel Asile Flottant of accommodation and/or food and/or drink and/or boat, including the associated work and services and anything else in the broadest sense of the word.

2.3 Reservation value
The total expected turnover of Hotel Asile Flottant with regard to this agreement, which expectation is based on the prices applicable in Hotel Asile Flottant, as established in our confirmation.

2.4 Cancellation
The notification by e-mail by a guest to Hotel Asile Flottant that one or more of the agreed services will not or partially not be used.

2.5 No-show
The failure by a guest to use a service based on this agreement without cancellation.

3. Agreement
All the offers and prices provided by Hotel Asile Flottant are without obligation and subject to change, unless otherwise agreed verbally or in writing. The agreement is entered into when Hotel Asile Flottant sends the booking confirmation. Hotel Asile Flottant has the right to refuse guests access to the hotel or its services if it feels that this is required for normal/orderly business operations. This also includes failure to comply with the House Rules or failure to follow instructions given by one or more representatives of Hotel Asile Flottant, for example if guests cause (noise) disruption for other guests and/or local residents. www.asileflottant.com/house-rules

4. Privacy
Hotel Asile Flottant employs high ethical standards and respects your privacy. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will we pass on your personal details to third parties. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy: www.asileflottant.com/privacy-policy

5 Payment and cancellation

5.1 Method of payment
All payments must be made by bank or credit card. Cancellation must be in writing and dated (by e-mail).

5.2 No-show
In case of a no-show, the guest will be obliged in all cases to pay the reservation value.

5.3 Cancellations
Hotel Asile Flottant has a strict cancellation policy. We would advise you to read through the hotel’s cancellation policy carefully: www.asileflottant.com/cancellation-policy

5.4 Credit Card Guarantee
Hotel Asile Flottant requires credit card details in order to be able to guarantee your reservation. The credit card that you use must belong to you personally or you must be legally authorized to use it by the owner. If you make a reservation, you are automatically entering into an agreement with Hotel Asile Flottant. We will deduct 50% of your reservation value as a deposit. Approximately 30 days before the date of arrival we will deduct the remaining amount of your reservation value. However, this does not apply to a non-refundable reservation. For this type of reservation, immediately after you make the reservation the full payment is deducted from your credit card. The rates mentioned on our website are always per boat per night, including VAT, and excluding a 4% city tax, unless otherwise stated. You can be assured that we take our responsibility very seriously with regard to your credit card information. We use the industry standard ‘Secure Locked Layer (SSL)’ technology in order to code your credit card details.

5.5 Late payment
If and insofar the guest fails to pay on time, he/she is considered in default without formal notice or default being required. In that case, he/she must pay Hotel Asile Flottant all the judicial and extrajudicial costs related to payment collection. If the guest fails to pay, he/she is also required to pay Hotel Asile Flottant the interest over the due amount equivalent to 2% above the statutory interest.

5.6 Security bond
A security bond can be required upon arrival. This deposit is refundable after check out and subject to missing goods and a damage inspection of the accommodation

6. Reservations
Reservations can be made online at www.asileflottant.com. For special requests and events guests can contact info@asileflottant.com

7. Confirmations
All reservations receive a booking confirmation. Guests should be able to provide their booking confirmation at check-in. Guest booking through online travel agencies (OTA’s) will receive booking confirmation from the respective agency. Changes and cancellations should be made through the agency used to book at Hotel Asile Flottant.

8. Lost and found
Items lost or found at Hotel Asile Flottant will be kept for one week after departure date. Highly valuable items (such as smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.) will be kept for a longer period. Guests can contact info@asileflottant.com for all lost and found enquiries. Hotel Asile Flottant cannot always guarantee the recovery of forgotten items.

9. Liability
Hotel Asile Flottant is not liable for injury to guests. Neither is Hotel Asile Flottant liable for damage to property brought into Hotel Asile Flottant by a guest. The guest indemnifies Hotel Asile Flottant against claims from guests. The above provision does not apply in cases of damage or loss and/or injury due to intentional or gross negligence by Hotel Asile Flottant. In addition Hotel Asile Flottant has the right to cancel the agreement due to an objective justified reason for example if force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the hotel makes fulfillment of the agreement impossible.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions as well as all agreements and all disputes that might come from or might be connected with the Terms and Conditions, the use of the website or the services of Hotel Asile Flottant are governed by Dutch law.
To the extent that national or international rules of law do not prescribe otherwise as mandatory, any disputes that arise from or are related to these Terms and Conditions or the use of the website or the services of Hotel Asile Flottant will solely be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.